Sacred Yoni Body Bar
Sacred Yoni Body Bar

Sacred Yoni Body Bar

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Super cleansing, stimulating, & moisturizing bar made especially for the vagina area. 
Key ingredients are apple cider vinegar powder, witch hazel, & clove EO. ACV powder fights bacteria, balances your skin pH levels, and acts as an astringent helping to soak up excess oil. Witch hazel soothes, tightens, and freshens the skin. Clove EO has the benefit of being a antioxidant helping to reduce swelling and inflammation. 

For vaginal use & vaginal issues: rub bar on trouble areas EXTERNALLY ONLY. Can be used on entire body as well as a refresher!

Please note: Clove EO can be a dermal irritating for sensitive skin individuals.

Not to be used on pregnant women.

*possibility of staining due to use of turmeric*